lightly armored

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  • The vehicle was to be lightly armored, required only to handle small arms fire.
  • The player must choose between mobile, lightly armored characters and slow-but-well-defended ones.
  • However when there is true combat they are easily outgunned and lightly armored.
  • Therefore, it was primarily utilized against lightly armored vehicles and for air defense.
  • Since then all transportation was done in lightly armored vehicles.
  • SLAP rounds have been designed for use against lightly armored vehicles and aircraft.
  • The local production and proliferation of light anti-tank weapons by these groups, made travel by lightly armored vehicles dangerous.
  • Starstreak also has the ability to be used against un-armored and lightly armored ground vehicles.
  • It is also effective against lightly armored ground and naval targets.
  • However this armored car was not approved for mass production as it was felt to be too heavy compared to other lightly armored cars.
  • As might be expected, their armor and air force is lightly armored but fast and highly maneuverable.
  • Most river monitors were lightly armored although this varied, with some carrying more armor.
  • The greatest advantage of the fast and lightly armored Hakkapeliitta cavalry was its charge.
  • It was a radical design for a fast-moving, lightly armored assault tank.
  • The ship was only lightly armored, with a thick deck.
  • They are lightly armored and go down with ease.
  • In any case, destroyers are lightly armored and fast vessels meant to survive by avoiding being hit at all.
  • In the future, this material may be incorporated in a wide range of vehicles including lightly armored trucks to low-flying planes.
  • The ships were only lightly armored, with a thick deck.
  • There are vehicles that are lightly armored, and then stock vehicles that have had armor hidden in their body.
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