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  • He was lightly regarded in his second start ten days later, when he finished second.
  • It was a big aircraft for its power, and as a result very lightly built.
  • But neither do they take love lightly or put their own desires before anything else.
  • A crown is too heavy a thing to be put on lightly.
  • She was lightly damaged during the battle and returned to Japan the following month.
  • The competition's most senior clubs were accused of taking the competition lightly.
  • In lightly used base stations, a multi-channel unit may be employed.
  • There was very little on-line traffic and the line was lightly used by the 1970s.
  • Not all pain that is felt is associated with the heart, but it should not be taken lightly either.
  • The lightly armed native forces under the command of the Brothers soon fled from the battle.
  • A player can also touch the ball lightly, so that the ball will fall just after the net.
  • The Inca people attacked first with much spirit despite being only lightly armed.
  • The implications of carrying out this duty too lightly will cost money and possible damage to property.
  • This gave the hull greater strength than those of more lightly built frigates.
  • In general, the area has been lightly disturbed, and much natural vegetation remains.
  • Usually only lightly armed infantry could pass through large swampy areas.
  • The ships of this class were fast but very lightly armoured with only a few heavy guns.
  • Ships of this class were fast but very lightly armoured, with only a few heavy guns.
  • This design gave the hull a greater strength than a more lightly built frigate.
  • This was especially true for lightly used lines that could never hope to justify so much overhead.
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Synonyms of lightly

Meaning of lightly

  • adverb Without good reason
    one cannot say such things lightly
  • adverb With few burdens
    experienced travellers travel light
  • adverb With little weight or force
    she kissed him lightly on the forehead
  • adverb Indulging with temperance
    we eat lightly in the morning
  • adverb With indifference or without dejection
    he took it lightly
  • adverb To a slight degree
    her speech is only lightly accented