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  • This difference can be found between lifelong residents of the same town.
  • Temple had a lifelong interest in the relationship between science and religion.
  • The two became lifelong friends and champions of each other's music.
  • This would be the basis of his lifelong research and thinking about mental health and human potential.
  • When he later became famous, he regularly returned to talk to the boys and retained a lifelong association.
  • It was the beginning of a close and lifelong friendship between the two.
  • They both realized they could not be lovers, but they did remain close lifelong friends.
  • The two became lifelong friends as well as rivals and are often compared.
  • These early experiences helped translate into a lifelong career in cross-cultural research.
  • However, they made what were to be lifelong friends there.
  • Even at an early age, he was interested in natural history, which would develop into a lifelong passion.
  • In reality, the two actresses got along right away and became lifelong friends.
  • It was a very bitter campaign that made both men lifelong enemies.
  • A lifelong bachelor, he has now married a woman with whom he had a close friendship for years.
  • The four men became lifelong friends and fellow-workers.
  • However, his humour and innocent good nature won him many lifelong friends.
  • Adult education, continuing education or lifelong learning is offered to students of all ages.
  • He even built his own camera, the start of a lifelong interest in photography.
  • It is the result of the lifelong martial arts development process Lee went through.
  • She and her sister became his lifelong friends.
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