licensing agreement

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  • He treated the game as a traditional licensing agreement rather than a collaboration.
  • Nobody was paid to do this nor is there any licensing agreement in place.
  • Croatia was removed from the international teams, as they could not reach the licensing agreement.
  • Some model manufacturers have signed licensing agreements while others have refused on principle or simply closed their business.
  • However, changes in licensing agreements permitted the general public to buy them as well.
  • This continued after the subsequent licensing agreement with Castle Technology, causing much community debate at the time.
  • A long-term licensing agreement was established for the business to continue trading under the Virgin brand.
  • Both parties entered into a patent cross-licensing agreement.
  • The company then sells the use of its data through licensing agreements.
  • A cross-licensing agreement is a contract between two or more parties where each party grants rights to their intellectual property to the other parties.
  • This was from their licensing agreements set up with foreign countries and rulers to mass-produce them for their armies.
  • Local real estate Boards or Associations operate a local data base under a licensing agreement with the national association.
  • Licenses appear on models where model car manufacturers enter similar licensing agreements.
  • With Rights Managed stock photography an individual licensing agreement is negotiated for each use.
  • They all wanted to know if he could send them a shipment of his products but Jordan had no money or real licensing agreement.
  • In the early 1980s foreign companies began transferring technology by licensing agreements and sales of equipment.
  • The second difference, which remains in the updated licensing agreement, is that the software can be installed on only one computer.
  • After the war the company began to build helicopters under a licensing agreement with Sikorsky.
  • In situations where digital materials are licensed, access to these materials is often lost after the licensing agreement has expired.
  • This often necessitates licensing agreements for new material being considered for publication,.
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