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  • He has made known his libertarian views to many fans throughout his years as a musician.
  • It is generally considered to be more libertarian than the Progress Party itself.
  • I said that I was, in effect, kind of libertarian on this issue.
  • Since the mid-1970s, they have been heavily influenced by the libertarian movement.
  • Libertarians have very different opinions on the issue, just like in the general public.
  • I change my mind over different issues, but I am much more fond of a libertarian view.
  • Libertarians commonly hold liberal views on social issues but conservative views on economic issues.
  • After two years, he lost faith in political left ideas and took interest in libertarian ideology.
  • He works in public choice theory and is interested in libertarian subjects.
  • Despite being primarily conservative, the Western Standard also has some libertarian influence.
  • Several Libertarians have held public office in Michigan, most at the local level.
  • He has recently been critical of libertarian anti-war views.
  • He also said that libertarians did not have a clear foreign policy stance.
  • He led the party towards a civil libertarian movement.
  • Soon he became known as one of Russia's leading libertarians.
  • But theonomic Christian libertarians believe in neither natural law nor social contract theory.
  • Libertarians advocate a society with a greatly reduced state or no state at all.
  • He is also a member of the libertarian pressure group The Freedom Association.
  • Stone continues to hold ill will against the Libertarian Party of New York.
  • Those left-libertarians who support private property do so under the condition that recompense is offered to the local community.
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Meaning of libertarian

  • noun An advocate of libertarianism
  • noun Someone who believes the doctrine of free will