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  • Info The adjective lexical refers to things concerning the words or vocabulary of a language. more...
  • A lexical set is a group of words that share a similar feature.
  • Frequently there exists more than one lexical form associated with a surface form of a word.
  • Some words of the English language do not belong to any lexical set.
  • By contrast, lexical sets are open systems, since new words come into a language all the time.
  • As a word may have more than one meaning, it may also have more than one lexical definition.
  • More than one closure can be created in the same lexical environment.
  • The community will identify a lexical thing that needs to be referred to in their language.
  • The process makes use of a list of lexical terms.
  • They may do so by lexical means with words such as English a few, some, one, two, five hundred.
  • The island also has its own lexical style.
  • A network is developed for information related to specific lexical items.
  • They contain a number of Portuguese lexical items, but these are almost all religious terms.
  • In Lexical borrowing a word is directly taken into a language from other language.
  • Over the centuries Spanish has made many lexical contributions to English, and continues to do so.
  • Each valley had its own variety of Timbisha with mostly lexical differences between them.
  • Most of them are very similar to each other, with only some phonetic and lexical differences.
  • It is interesting to note the lexical differences that occur during different time periods.
  • No lexical analysis is performed before running, nor is any byte code translation applied.
  • The lexical definition in such a case is likely to fall somewhere in between.
  • It is similar to the concept of lexical analysis for computer languages.
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Meaning of lexical

  • adjective Of or relating to words
    lexical decision task
  • adjective Of or relating to dictionaries