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  • But his playing career continued for much longer at non-league level.
  • In his later career he played for numerous clubs at non-league level.
  • The stage is at third-floor level and is above ground level.
  • Teams are divided into seven levels based on the performance of each country.
  • Education up to secondary level is provided free of charge by the government.
  • The level of defense was poor and players did not form any deep plan.
  • To level the site, more than of earth had to be moved.
  • The stage is at third floor level, it is above ground level.
  • Despite having played against his university at first-class level, he never appeared for it.
  • At this level students could start to move on their own.
  • Thirty players have played for the team at first-class level.
  • He did not play any further matches at first-class level.
  • It gives training in film and video production at a post-graduate level.
  • But it would take several more years before the economy returned to pre-war levels.
  • Some have also continued music studies at the post secondary level.
  • Additional hours of sleep do not add to the initial level of performance.
  • The city is situated in a high desert river valley approximately above sea level.
  • After some years the population number dropped to pre-war levels.
  • At the level of primary and secondary education, there are two systems of school education.
  • It took four or five years for the economy to return to pre-war levels.
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Meaning of level

  • noun Height above ground
    the water reached ankle level, the pictures were at the same level
  • noun Indicator that establishes the horizontal when a bubble is centered in a tube of liquid
  • noun An abstract place usually conceived as having depth
    a good actor communicates on several levels, a simile has at least two layers of meaning, the mind functions on many strata simultaneously
  • verb Aim at
    level criticism or charges at somebody
  • verb Tear down so as to make flat with the ground
    The building was levelled
  • verb Talk frankly with; lay it on the line
    I have to level with you
  • verb Become level or even
    The ground levelled off