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  • The minutes seemed to lengthen into hours until the special train was ready. Cited from A Fascinating Traitor,by Col. Richard Henry Savage
  • I went all the way around by the road to lengthen out the time. Cited from Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • If I only could lengthen my afternoon, which seems too long to them! Cited from Cornelli, by Johanna Spyri
  • He served for two terms, which he lengthened to five years each.
  • The building was expanded ten years later, lengthening the church by twenty feet.
  • The last section of the trail has been lengthened several times since it was opened.
  • These could easily be lengthened from a few weeks to two years.
  • Line extension occurs when the company lengthens its product line beyond its current range.
  • And this he does without lengthening his face or taking off his paint. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 6, No. 37, November, 1860, by Various
  • When short i is lengthened in this way, it becomes long e.
  • This was later brought back to two stories, both lengthened to make up for the one lost story.
  • Then the term was lengthened to one, two, and sometimes three years.
  • Why should I lengthen my speech by going into each one of them in detail? Cited from Dio's Rome, Vol. 4, by Cassius Dio
  • One early attempt at lengthening the playing time should be mentioned.
  • Ought we to sacrifice them all merely to lengthen our own lives by a few years? Cited from Poet Lore, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 1912, by Various
  • Say you'll go away for a few days, and then gradually lengthen it out. Cited from The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories, by Arnold Bennett
  • Over the last decade, the growing season has lengthened by as much as three weeks.
  • He also lengthened the presidential term length from four to six years.
  • During the remaining months of the year it gradually lengthens once more.
  • There he stood, looking after her, till, from the lengthening distance, she could see him no more. Cited from The Light Princess and Other Fairy Stories, by George MacDonald
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Words starting with lengthen

Meaning of lengthen

  • verb Make longer
    Lengthen this skirt, please
  • verb Become long or longer
    In Spring, the days lengthen