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  • They could not write three legible letters, but they could sometimes speak literature. Cited from The Defendant, by G.K. Chesterton
  • In some cases the year-names are still legible, and show considerable age. Cited from Evolution Of The Japanese, Social And Psychic, by Sidney L. Gulick
  • Why should one read a translation when the original work lies open and legible before him? Cited from Under the Trees and Elsewhere, by Hamilton Wright Mabie
  • These were added to create the completed score, which appeared in a highly legible hand.
  • This is all legible in the lines about his mouth and eyes. Cited from Aurelian, by William Ware
  • I tell you that after this part it's all legible. Cited from The Inspector-General, by Nicolay Gogol
  • A new character was legible there, a strength of will more in keeping with her fine presence. Cited from The Gold-Stealers, by Edward Dyson
  • The forms as given are legible from the distant parts of a public hall. Cited from Scientific American Supplement, No. 530, February 27, 1886, by Various
  • Their grave can still be seen and is largely still legible.
  • When he looked again, the watch-plate had grown legible: he had twenty minutes. Cited from The Dynamiter by RL & Fanny VDG Stevenson
  • Her name and port of call remains completely legible on her stern.
  • No entirely legible copy of this map has yet been made public. Cited from The Voyage of Verrazzano, by Henry C. Murphy
  • A quite legible story was written there for them to read. Cited from I Married a Ranger, by Dama Margaret Smith
  • Some letters and numbers were gone, but enough were left legible. Cited from A Pagan of the Hills, by Charles Neville Buck
  • The characters do not need to retain their traditional forms or be legible as words.
  • Although he was then seventy-four years old, his hand-writing was firm and even, and very legible. Cited from Isaac T. Hopper, by L. Maria Child
  • The other side was written in French, in long, clear, legible characters. Cited from The Baronet's Bride, by May Agnes Fleming
  • His rank and value as a moral being are so plain as to be legible to him who runs. Cited from Biographical Essays, by Thomas de Quincey
  • The page before her was no longer legible; the book dropped from her lap. Cited from The Odd Women, by George Gissing
  • Her son, who could write a very legible hand, wrote the petition. Cited from Tales and Novels, Vol. IV, by Maria Edgeworth
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Meaning of legible

  • adjective (of handwriting, print, etc.) capable of being read or deciphered
    legible handwriting