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  • The mother sent the lazy daughter down the well to get more gold.
  • I got a bit lazy - I gave it up because it was too much hard work.
  • The majority of white people think the Indian is a lazy good-for-nothing.
  • One of his brothers was very rich, while another was extremely lazy.
  • I have sometimes felt that I was naturally the laziest man ever born. Cited from T. De Witt Talmage, by T. De Witt Talmage and Mrs. T. De Witt Talmage
  • The expansion proposal also featured a lazy river and a large water play area.
  • Besides, a lazy king will easily fall into the hands of enemies.
  • I'm probably just lazy, but I can't force myself to write songs.
  • He admitted to being very lazy and playing with little or no enthusiasm.
  • While he had a lazy running style, he did not lack pace.
  • However, he is very lazy and does not work much.
  • Thus he grew up spending most of his time being lazy and causing trouble for the people around him.
  • They may appear lazy but will charge if needed.
  • Although at times it made him appear lazy, he claims that this was part of his strategy.
  • He often appears to be lazy, perhaps because he cannot actually do most things that "real" people can.
  • It is a lazy, care-free dream island where time flows slowly.
  • Some in his family, and in the neighborhood, for a time considered him to be lazy.
  • He is also somewhat lazy and will eat anything, including live insects.
  • It was called the "group of the lazy" because it came last.
  • Also, children with vision problems may require early attention by a professional in order to successfully prevent lazy eye.
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