lay bare

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  • Things that she had not thought of before were laid bare before her eyes. Cited from Sparrows, by Horace W.C. Newte
  • They lay bare to me things that are hidden from every one else. Cited from Modern Icelandic Plays, by Johann Sigurjonsson
  • He wrote his mother and laid bare his heart to her. Cited from The World's Great Men of Music, by Harriette Brower
  • Was the heart of that secret to be laid bare at last? Cited from The Boy Land Boomer, by Ralph Bonehill
  • She is exposed and laid bare to all those whose opinion she set a value upon. Cited from Liber Amoris, or, The New Pygmalion, by Wm Hazlitt
  • Have I not A hundred times laid bare my heart to you? Cited from Tartuffe, by Jean Baptiste Poquelin Moliere
  • Here again the heart of the race problem is laid bare. Cited from Martin Luther King Jr. Day Anthology #1
  • If only it could all be laid bare to her, the secret of his position would be revealed. Cited from Born In Exile, By George Gissing
  • My own soul was laid bare to me by the flash of hope. Cited from What Will He Do With It, Lytton, Book 9
  • Few men have so laid bare the thoughts and feelings of their hearts. Cited from Victorian Worthies, by George Henry Blore
  • You ask me to lay bare my past, to prove my identity. Cited from The PG Works Of Gilbert Parker, Complete
  • Her past, her present, and her future, had been alike laid bare before their eyes. Cited from All Around the Moon, by Jules Verne
  • I tell you as a friend, as the only man to whom I can lay bare my soul. Cited from Second Series Plays, by Anton Chekhov
  • No, no, daughter; I had rather you laid bare your feelings to me. Cited from The Magnificent Lovers, by Moliere (Poquelin
  • Never before had she seen a Japanese soul laid bare. Cited from Kimono, by John Paris
  • He would lay bare his heart to her! Cited from Home Again, by George MacDonald
  • The morning after she had spoken with heart laid bare. Cited from The Weavers, by G. Parker, v5
  • Having taken the inner life for their study they sought to lay bare its very foundations. Cited from Modern Religious Cults and Movements, by Gaius Glenn Atkins
  • For about ten minutes they dug, and then they laid bare a great mass of rock. Cited from Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts, by Frank Richard Stockton
  • She had laid bare to him her whole heart, and he had answered her love by never a word. Cited from Castle Richmond, by Anthony Trollope
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