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  • Info Latex is the stable dispersion (emulsion) of polymer microparticles in an aqueous medium.
  • These are then filled and used in a similar way to latex versions.
  • The common use of latex in medical facilities makes this a particularly serious concern.
  • Liquid latex is often used for special effects make-up and body painting applications.
  • Unfortunately Latex Red is extremely top heavy and can fall over under her own weight.
  • The all parts of common milkweed plants produce white latex when broken.
  • White latex is commonly used as a general material because it has a high level of elasticity.
  • She is considered one of the top models in the latex sector.
  • They are usually made from either latex or silicone and most often are made to measure.
  • The company almost went out of business during the war, so it created an industrial division to find government and military applications for latex.
  • If you have one guy, he will show you what latex is and will also show you what playtex is.
  • The latex of many species can be processed to produce many materials.
  • Some but not all of these fruits contain a form of latex.
  • The Latex also allowed a shelf life of five years in comparison to three months.
  • It has a higher strength in thinner sheets than other materials such as natural latex.
  • They are commonly known as milkweeds because of the latex they produce.
  • She was one of the first designers to bring latex into mainstream fashion.
  • Latex sheet based clothing is constructed by a three-stage process.
  • He says he sees no difference between a puppet made of latex and one generated by a computer.
  • Latex Generation was a completely different band by the time they recorded Boysrock.
  • The production process for latex models is simple, and similar to the early stages of pottery production.
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Meaning of latex

  • noun A milky exudate from certain plants that coagulates on exposure to air