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  • Most fish have a less-developed but similar sense using their body's lateral line.
  • A person uses lateral thinking to move from one known idea to creating new ideas.
  • In addition to the lateral line organ system, the eye had to change.
  • A lateral march is not a change in the direction of march, only in the direction the upper body faces.
  • Angle to left bank in higher water to square up on laterals.
  • In the dormant season cut these laterals back to about two feet. Cited from Walnut Growing in Oregon, ed. by J.C. Cooper
  • Lateral doors may include other subjects such as the Birth of Christ.
  • A lateral canal five miles long with six locks was started but the company needed more to complete it.
  • The laterals may be cut back fairly close in March to encourage new growth. Cited from Gardening for the Million, by Alfred Pink
  • Boulton's description of his lateral flight control system was both clear and complete.
  • The site is subject to proposals by a development company called Lateral Power.
  • Lateral thinking is more concerned with the movement value of statements and ideas.
  • This lower arm system provides both lateral and longitudinal location of the wheel.
  • There are only three to five laterals at first, but this number typically increases to eight to ten within ten years.
  • They also make use of a sensory lateral line organ similar to that of fish.
  • Treatment, of laterals which come of themselves is another matter. Cited from One Thousand Questions in California Agriculture
  • The laterals are unusual in that their height is different from the central plant in some sections.
  • They use their sensitive fingers, sense of smell, and lateral line system to find food.
  • The lateral line is well-developed and complete.
  • They also make use of the lateral line organ.
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