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  • The effect is always present in latent form in the material cause.
  • The patient gradually becomes ill, or becomes ill after a long latent period.
  • The amount of energy required for a phase change is known as latent heat.
  • She began her university studies in psychology, but always had a latent desire for acting.
  • A latent military force is more likely to have an effect than actual deployment.
  • Many latent Dutch regard themselves as having been Dutch since birth.
  • Humans with significant latent powers who come through the time-gate are initially given silver torcs.
  • Chemical methods of suicide produce latent evidence of action, whereas physical methods provide direct evidence.
  • We would then use three latent variables, one for each choice.
  • A live album, it was released on the band's independent label, Latent Records.
  • However, if Chamber has any such abilities, they appear to be latent.
  • He generally worked with fast-reading and enhancing the latent ability of the mind.
  • Some cats stay in this latent stage for only a few months, but for some it can last for years.
  • His book on Latent variable models (now in its fourth edition) remains very popular.
  • These five mental powers can be latent, meaning that, while present, they cannot be consciously used.
  • The children found non-key objects faster if they had previously seen them, indicating they were using latent learning.
  • Latent functions are those that are neither recognized nor intended.
  • For every type of latent internal energy there is an opposite.
  • A latent attack along a diagonal has also been called an X-ray.
  • During this refreezing process energy is released in the form of latent heat.
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