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  • Until lately, little effort was made to record the language in written form.
  • Several schools have lately changed their names to become more international recognized.
  • Lately a similar event has been designed for women, where only half the course is shot.
  • Someone lately asked me if we were ever short of food while there.
  • However, lately they seemed to have announced their arrival at the senior events.
  • She has been well known in a particular state of India lately.
  • He has lately also attracted some attention as a political science fiction writer.
  • Lately, her research has been on the life history of buildings and the construction of built space.
  • Lately, this population has been made up of one single plant.
  • He has lately destroyed two machines and driven down four others out of control.
  • He has lately destroyed three enemy machines and driven down others out of control.
  • They make small talk about what they have done lately.
  • Her mother has been working hard and long lately because she needs the money to support herself and her children.
  • Poetry is the only form of literature in the language which has seen some activity lately.
  • Park has been in very bad shape lately as a result of little to no maintenance.
  • However, he says that his relationship with his dad has been good lately.
  • Lately, she has decided that since she does not know her birth parents, she has no real identity.
  • She tells him that lately she feels she's not alone in the world.
  • Some of the scenes have been seen in other films lately.
  • Lately, this project has been put under a serious note.
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