last caress

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  • "I have given you the last caress I ever shall, until you submit." Cited from Holidays at Roselands, by Martha Finley
  • But the influence of her last caress, last yearning look of love and abiding faith will go with us through life. Cited from The Expedition of the Donner Party and its Tragic Fate, by Houghton
  • And in a last caress, her heart beats as it has not done to-day, for her idol may be with her to-morrow. Cited from A Heart-Song of To-day, by Annie Gregg Savigny
  • She disengaged her clinging arms with one last caress; there was an instant of unconsciousness, and when she recovered herself he was gone. Cited from The Eternal City, by Hall Caine
  • Aunty Boone patted it gently, the first and last caress she ever gave to any of us. Cited from Vanguards of the Plains, by Margaret McCarter
  • The song describes a soldier's farewell to his lady, the wounds he receives in battle, and his dying request for a last caress.
  • It was the end of September, and one of those lovely autumnal days which are a last smile of the blue sky and the last caress of the sun. Cited from Other People's Money, by Emile Gaboriau
  • It was the last caress and the last farewell of this heroic woman to her only child; henceforth he was to be the child of providence, and she was to be as if his mother no more. Cited from Venerable Mother Mary of the Incarnation, by Anon
  • Uncle John and Aunt Tillie stood with their arms about the children as the great engine drew near, and clasped them once more to their bosoms in a last caress, then they were on the train and away. Cited from The Hero of Hill House, by Mable Hale
  • Violently separated, a mother from her child, a husband from his wife, a brother from a sister, they were not allowed a last caress nor a last kiss, and on the "lakoni" they saw each other for the last time. Cited from Dick Sand, by Jules Verne
  • She pressed her lips to the dead man's forehead, and, feeling it still warm with life, she had a momentary illusion: she fancied that he felt this last caress, so cruelly awaited. Cited from Doctor Pascal, by Emile Zola
  • Should I die to-night, and you saw me not Again till my soul had fled With its vain request, and my features wore The white hue of the dead-- Would you place just once, in a last caress, Your hand on my death-damp hair? Cited from Debris, by Madge Morris [AKA: Madge Morris Wagner]
  • You left me, never telling why you wandered -- Without a word, without a last caress; Left me with but the love that I had squandered, The husks of love and a vast loneliness. Cited from Cross Roads, by Margaret E. Sangster
  • For the Beware EP, the intro was kept, even though "Children In Heat" was replaced by "Last Caress."
  • "Good-bye -- oh, good-bye, dearest Diana!" sighed Barbara a little tearfully, as she leaned from the chaise for a last caress. Cited from Peregrine's Progress, by Jeffery Farnol
  • The band had its debut at a local bar (Ralph's) and they decided to invite Pedro Mora to sing a Misfits cover (Last Caress), afterwards Pedro joined the band as the lead singer.
  • Fly far from me, Even whilst the daylight wastes-- Ere thy lips burn me in a last caress; Ere fancy quickens, and my longings press, And my weak spirit hastes For shelter unto thee! Cited from Tecumseh: A Drama, by Charles Mair