largely unrecorded

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  • His later life is largely unrecorded, although the date of his death is given by various sources as 1970.
  • Portfolio investment abroad is also very limited, with the result that portfolio flows are largely unrecorded by authorities.
  • Wei Fangzhi served as chancellor for the next several years, but his acts were largely unrecorded in history.
  • The history of the Sanway area of Byfleet is largely unrecorded and therefore currently being researched by local historians.
  • Approximately 54 M10s were supplied to the Soviet Union, though their use by the Red Army is largely unrecorded.
  • It was probably originally attached to the church at Llanafan, but is largely unrecorded and was attached to the church at Llanganten by the early 20th century.
  • Beyond 50 light-years such stars are below sixth magnitude and therefore invisible to the naked eye, so they are unnamed and largely unrecorded, except in astronomical sky surveys.
  • In 1976 Stapleton joined Vacuum, who went largely unrecorded.
  • Between 170 and 180 the activities of Septimius Severus went largely unrecorded, in spite of the fact that he occupied an impressive number of posts in quick succession.
  • Excavations concentrating on the church and cloister took place on the site in the 1920s which were published by the Yorkshire Archaeological Society and other largely unrecorded digging by the Ministry of Works took place during the 1950s.
  • These early experiments went largely unrecorded, even in log books, let alone the press, because the pioneers were uncomfortably aware that the addition of an engine made the craft liable to registration, airworthiness legislation, and the pilot liable to expensive licensing and probably, insurance.
  • But for Fischer, who had - like his stepmother Donna Fischer - spent countless hours poring through his father's extensive and largely unrecorded catalogue over the years, one goal had become paramount during these years, even before his succession to the helm of the Clare Fischer bands in 2004.