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  • Info To lack something is to not have it.
  • A lack of run production and a poor record in close games were major issues.
  • Children who are poor at writing letters typically lack experience in writing in general.
  • The series has been referred to in regard to lack of political policy.
  • Also, women commonly lack sexual desire in the period immediately after giving birth.
  • One such example is the idea of original sin as a lack of justice.
  • Others have criticized him for a lack of strong female characters in his early work.
  • Despite his lack of higher education, he has been honored in his home state.
  • However this single failed to chart, due in part to a lack of distribution.
  • A lack of a national agreement in an industry is considered an exception.
  • A number of areas that lack sun have wind.
  • Despite the victory he lacked the political organization needed for higher office.
  • His lack of faith in her political abilities was the primary reason.
  • If one lacks work experience, one cannot get a job to gain experience.
  • With the lack of international competition, representative matches between state teams were regarded with great importance.
  • These group claimed they lacked attention and resources from the central government.
  • The lack of source material does not help when investigating such issues.
  • The lack of source-material does not help when investigating such issues.
  • Still others may lack any formal leaders, either in principle or by local necessity.
  • All of these are states of lacking and have no real existence.
  • An important environmental issue is the lack of fresh water resources.
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Meaning of lack

  • noun The state of needing something that is absent or unavailable
    there is a serious lack of insight into the problem, water is the critical deficiency in desert regions, for want of a nail the shoe was lost