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  • However his children carried on his legacy and the Lacerda family line still lives on today.
  • She is married to actor Thiago Lacerda, with whom she has three children.
  • Lacerda contributed with six appearances (five starts) with his side being crowned champions.
  • Even Lacerda's expedition was largely commercial in purpose, although it was later claimed to have established some claim to the area he covered.
  • Lacerda was but ten days at Chungu when he died. Cited from The Last Journals of David Livingstone, Vol. I, by David Livingstone
  • Lacerda was not nearly as popular among his men as Suhadi Sadono was among his.
  • Lacerda was as well a famous director specialist in the French and Russian repertoire.
  • The earliest European to visit the area was Portuguese explorer Francisco de Lacerda in the late 18th century.
  • Ironically, it was Displace International who hired Lacerda, the same company protecting him.
  • Lacerda was re-elected to the Chamber of Deputies later in 1954 with the most votes of any candidate.
  • Benedito Lacerda Airport is served by scheduled flights and concentrates operations to off-shore platforms.
  • Lacerda, then governor of the Guanabara State hoped to win the scheduled presidential election of 1965.
  • It was with Lacerda that Pixinguinha began another fertile period of composing and recording.
  • Although the expeditions of Lacerda and Gamitto were largely commercial, the third quarter of the 19th century saw scientific African expeditions.
  • The main character was Eduardo Briset Lacerda, a rich young man with social conscience, like Edwards.
  • Since the military was not willing to give up power, the 1965 elections were cancelled and Lacerda began to oppose the regime.
  • When he was a law student, Lacerda became sympathetic to left-wing ideas, but by the 1940s he had transformed into a staunch anti-communist conservative.
  • The region where today is located in the municipality of Pontes e Lacerda was originally inhabited by Indians, represented by Nambikwara.
  • An indefatigable worker, Lacerda also began research on microbiology, beriberi and yellow fever.
  • Brazilian Air Force Major Rubens Vaz was killed in the attempt and Lacerda was slightly injured.
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