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  • The album is laced with hope for the future all the way through.
  • This ambition laced all of his work, particularly in his later years.
  • T-Pain, who laced the first single, is only one of the many featured guests throughout the album.
  • She has a reticule and her dress is laced up under the arms.
  • Police continued to fire tear gas and chemical-laced water at the buildings.
  • There are many other classic British Rock names and influences laced throughout the series.
  • Singing and dancing are used here to good effect laced with comedy.
  • Her temper had come back; she had thrown his laced coat into the approaching sea! Cited from Doom Castle, by Neil Munro
  • He laced a single to right to break up the no-hitter and the shut out.
  • However, Don was not perhaps as strait-laced as she might have thought.
  • The short film was a very straight-laced attempt to teach children good deportment.
  • In his right hand, he holds his laced hat.
  • She was raised into a straight-laced middle-class family during a time when there were limited expectations and opportunities for women.
  • Pippa and her straight-laced father have never truly gotten along since her mother died.
  • The book is laced with career and personal advice Croce has gathered through his life.
  • He is described as a very tall, lean, and straight-laced man.
  • However, police continued to fire tear gas and chemical-laced water at any individual and moved in to arrest them.
  • Just because the double-laced marking of the female's feathers supported this opinion!
  • The song's string-laced production has been compared to a "West End musical".
  • She gives Mary tea laced with a drug that paralyzes her but leaves her able to see.
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Root form of laced is lace for the verb.

Synonyms of laced

Meaning of laced

  • verb Do lacework
    The Flemish women were lacing in front of the cathedral
  • verb Draw through eyes or holes
    lace the shoelaces
  • adjective Closed with a lace
    snugly laced shoes