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  • It was the first time that I had ever been knocked off my feet.
  • Play can be stopped if the goal is knocked out of position.
  • Nothing was ever too much trouble for him when the club or town came knocking.
  • According to him, this knocked him out for hours, and he was left for dead.
  • He is then hit by the ball a second time, knocking him out.
  • Those farther away had been knocked down in a direction away from the center.
  • When she has got it, she knocks him out too and leaves.
  • They did not win a single pool match and went home before the knock-out stage.
  • A player may either knock or draw in a turn, but not both.
  • He knocked him out in the sixth round to take his tenth world title.
  • There are two sides one of them knocks one way and the other side the other way.
  • They knocked on the side, but there was no response from within.
  • The round ends when the player to the right of the player who knocked has had a final turn.
  • He knocks on the door but they do not want to see him back from the dead.
  • All hands were knocked off their feet by the explosion and all power was lost.
  • Having pointed this out she ran, head first, in o a wall and knocked herself out cold.
  • Some games offer a choice between killing or merely knocking out an enemy.
  • Germany had also failed to come close to knocking Russia out of the war.
  • She also suffered back injuries from being knocked around so much.
  • The same was true if the cup was knocked over.
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Meaning of knock

  • noun The sound of knocking (as on a door or in an engine or bearing)
    the knocking grew louder
  • noun Negative criticism
  • noun A vigorous blow
    the sudden knock floored him, he took a bash right in his face, he got a bang on the head
  • noun A bad experience
    the school of hard knocks
  • noun The act of hitting vigorously
    he gave the table a whack
  • verb Deliver a sharp blow or push :"he knocked the glass clear across the room"
  • verb Rap with the knuckles
    knock on the door
  • verb Find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws
    The paper criticized the new movie, Don't knock the food--it's free