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  • If ever woman was made for one knightly love which would set her in high places, she was that woman. Cited from Lazarre, by Mary Hartwell Catherwood
  • And he did so, with a knightly grace that became him well. Cited from A Romance Of Two Worlds, by Marie Corelli
  • Its role is less knightly than its reputation and appearance, less so than the role of infantry. Cited from Battle Studies, by C. Ardant du Picq
  • What the novel was in knightly days, that it has continued to be. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 6, No. 34, August, 1860, by Various
  • But we will go through the valley -- I have thy knightly word for it. Cited from Sintram and His Companions, by Friedrich Fouque #1
  • Your mother and your mother's son-- Judge you, if it was knightly done. Cited from The Saint's Tragedy, by Charles Kingsley
  • His movement was superb and he sat his horse in true Knightly manner. Cited from History of Kershaw's Brigade, by D. Augustus Dickert
  • But she knew that it was the right, and knightly, and Christian thing to do. Cited from Hereward, by Charles Kingsley
  • Europe is the home of knightly song, of bright deeds and clear morning thought. Cited from The Poems of A.L. [Adam Lindsay] Gordon
  • I might have been some Queen of Beauty offered as prize for knightly contest. Cited from Paul Kelver by Jerome K. Jerome
  • While knightly orders were re-established, no new titles of nobility were granted.
  • As to the art of war, and all knightly exercises, she left those to her husband. Cited from The Red Book of Heroes, by Leonora Blanche Lang
  • Men bade the guests leave off their knightly games, for the king and his wife would go to bed. Cited from The Nibelungenlied
  • He subsequently spent two years in the office of T. E. Knightly.
  • You will not find your ideal politician until you find a man with somewhat of the old knightly spirit in him. Cited from The Grafters, by Francis Lynde
  • His was indeed a knightly figure to look upon. Cited from The Duke's Prize, by Maturin Murray
  • "Come now to our father the king: you shall do knightly deeds in his service." Cited from The Junior Classics, V4, Ed. by Willam Patten
  • He is more than the first swordsman of our army; he is a knightly man. Cited from Vittoria by George Meredith, v8
  • Now there is not a day that need pass without opportunities of training your boys in this their true knightly attitude. Cited from The Power of Womanhood, or Mothers and Sons, by Ellice Hopkins
  • Those not royal came from knightly families, it was thought.
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