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  • He intended the speech as a keynote to his plans for a second term.
  • Keynotes are from major industry companies with respect to the conference's central theme.
  • He had been scheduled to give the keynote address at an international conference the same day.
  • Each meeting features keynote lectures delivered by leading medical figures from around the world.
  • Each issue contains a cover story, regarded as the keynote article.
  • It can also serve as the perfect space for a general session or keynote address.
  • That keynote address was largely well received and drew mostly positive reviews.
  • Keynote speakers, most often top industry leaders, share stories of how they came to be where they are today.
  • Scott gives over fifty keynote speeches a year all over the world.
  • And though he knew it not, he was striking the keynotes of Nature. Cited from Ordeal Richard Feverel by G. Meredith, v6
  • He has owned various companies within the marine industry and is a consultant and keynote speaker.
  • The ceremony includes a keynote speech, after which the artists open their studios to visitors.
  • These public speaking events usually involve him being a keynote speaker on a topic.
  • For several years it was conducted on a low keynote.
  • The keynote speaker was former governor William Winter, a former editor in chief of the newspaper.
  • He is a frequent keynote speaker at many domestic-and international health care events and conferences.
  • Bill Gates gave his ninth pre-show keynote address on the Sunday evening.
  • These services consisted of a worship session with music followed by a keynote speaker.
  • Wagoner refused to sign, saying that he promised just that in his keynote speech.
  • Taylor was also the keynote speaker at the conference in previous years.
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Meaning of keynote

  • noun The principal theme in a speech or literary work
  • noun A fundamental or central idea
  • verb Set the keynote of
    Comfort keynotes this designer's Fall collection
  • verb Give the keynote address to (an audience)