jury selection

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  • Info Jury selection are many methods used to choose the people who will serve on a jury. more...
  • Jury selection took several weeks, and the trial itself another three months.
  • It is a day or two later, and jury selection is under way.
  • In the United States they may also help with jury selection.
  • Therefore, though it exists, the right to challenge for cause during jury selection cannot be employed much.
  • This category has been given to the best film of previous year to the ceremony held by Jury selection.
  • During the same year, in his third term he proposed a bill that would ensure fairer jury selection.
  • The initial days of the trial were dedicated to jury selection.
  • She has also dressed as the character during jury selection in order to be disqualified from serving.
  • Jury selection occupied the morning and the trial commenced in an afternoon session.
  • This trial was an even larger undertaking, involving a full four months of jury selection.
  • Jury selection began in February 1992 and the trial began the following month.
  • A Markman hearing may also be held after the trial begins, but before jury selection.
  • He was known to use astrology in the process of jury selection.
  • Jury selection got under way on October 24, and opening statements began eight days later.
  • Claims that errors were made during jury selection are among the most common of all grounds for criminal appeals.
  • Since the 1970s "scientific jury selection" has become popular.
  • Racial discrimination in jury selection has a long history in the United States.
  • Early examples of scientific jury selection were similar.
  • This category has been given to the best Stories for the films of previous year to the ceremony held by Jury selection.
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