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  • It is named for its location at the junction of two railroad lines.
  • When the community became a city, the Junction was dropped from the name.
  • These cells are entirely based around the concept of a p-n junction.
  • The upper right face will appear to be in front if the eyes focus on the lower junction.
  • And also it is a four-way junction on the road.
  • In the late 19th century it rapidly developed after the construction of an important railway junction.
  • It was later moved just north of the junction on the grass between the two roads.
  • Junctions took the name of a prominent nearby business of a point of interest.
  • The site of the former junctions can still be seen from passing trains.
  • It is limited access, and only has one or two junctions to enter the city.
  • Measures to improve junctions are often more useful than building new railway lines.
  • During the first district court session, however, the seat was moved to Junction City.
  • This method created a p-n junction with only one wire.
  • This method created a p-n junction with only one wire.
  • She made an early film appearance in Up the Junction.
  • This forms a p-n junction a few hundred nanometers below the surface.
  • The formation of a junction brought increased activities to this point, making it necessary for more men to be employed.
  • Where roads met outside of an existing settlement, these junctions often led to a new settlement.
  • These areas are named triple junctions and can be found in several places across the world today.
  • Natural gas prices in North America are more or less set at this junction.
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Meaning of junction

  • noun The place where two or more things come together
  • noun The state of being joined together
  • noun Something that joins or connects
  • noun An act of joining or adjoining things