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  • He knew his friend had come jubilantly, prepared to do anything she asked of him. Cited from A Daughter of the Dons, by William MacLeod Raine
  • And he jubilantly spread before her the two letters which all the time he had still kept in his hands. Cited from Pollyanna Grows Up, by Eleanor H. Porter
  • Finally she made a fair drive and turned to him jubilantly. Cited from The Visioning, by Susan Glaspell
  • All at once the duke struck his hands together jubilantly. Cited from The Princess Elopes, by Harold MacGrath
  • Had he discovered a new harbour, he would have spoken about it jubilantly. Cited from Terre Napoleon, by Ernest Scott
  • We accepted the news and jubilantly left the station house, returning at once to our comrades. Cited from Jailed for Freedom, by Doris Stevens
  • She could step jubilantly into any kitchen without the slightest idea of what she was expected to do there. Cited from The Wit and Humor of America, Vol. I (of X), ed. by Marshall P. Wilder
  • His masculine self-importance never permitted him to doubt that the young girl would have accepted him jubilantly. Cited from Mare Nostrum (Our Sea), by Vicente Blasco Ibanez
  • She was jubilantly claimed by him as his little girl in a money-lender's office. Cited from Running Water, by A. E. W. Mason [AKA: Alfred Edward Woodley Mason]
  • And without further delay the slender figure turned and walked jubilantly down the path. Cited from Four Girls and a Compact,by Annie Hamilton Donnell
  • But before she could say anything more, Mollie herself swung jubilantly round upon them. Cited from Outdoor Girls at Wild Rose Lodge,by Laura Lee Hope
  • Young men who responded jubilantly to the call to arms did not doubt, that the struggle would be brief. Cited from Stephen A. Douglas, by Allen Johnson
  • On the evening when he made this out he sat jubilantly over the fire, thinking of Louie. Cited from The History of David Grieve, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • But for that last quarter of an hour with Diana, how jubilantly would he have entered the house! Cited from The Testing of Diana Mallory, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • Jill had thrown her head back, and was singing jubilantly at the top of her voice. Cited from Jill the Reckless, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • "How glad you'll be to hear what I've found!" she cried jubilantly. Cited from Mary Rose of Mifflin, by Frances R. Sterrett
  • All that she sent jubilantly to her lover in Berlin, assured that he was provided for some months. Cited from Indian Lily and Other Stories,by Hermann Sudermann
  • In the final scene of the episode, the Fleet jubilantly arrives at Earth.
  • We may easily think met Him eagerly, jubilantly, with glad, free, open face and clinging hands. Cited from Quiet Talks about Jesus, by S. D. Gordon
  • He emerged some time later jubilantly staggering with basket and hands full. Cited from Leonie of the Jungle, by Joan Conquest
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