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  • She has been granted over twenty awards for her literary and journalistic activity.
  • His journalistic work keeps him occupied full-time and he never takes up writing books.
  • We also want a space, a journalistic space if you like, where we can state our ideas.
  • However, in his last year at law school, he left university and took up a journalistic career.
  • After a short stay there, he returned to London to further his journalistic career.
  • After his professional football career, he focused mainly on his journalistic career.
  • He saw journalistic criticism as a means to a middle-class standard of living.
  • In that way, journalistic authority seems to have become more individual- and less institution-based.
  • They made his journalistic name and earned him numerous prizes, both national and international.
  • He soon gave up journalistic activities and continued his career at the censorship department.
  • Within a few years, his name was known in the intellectual and journalistic fields.
  • He is an internationally published writer with many years of experience in different journalistic fields.
  • His results were affected by his journalistic activities and bad health.
  • In high school he gained some early journalistic experience by writing for and editing his school newspaper.
  • During this time the program lost most of the journalistic content, most of the word content disappeared.
  • Most of his journalistic works were inspired by people's lives.
  • This group of young men supported and encouraged each other in the face of official journalistic criticism.
  • It received the most journalistic attention at the fair and was awarded the bronze medal.
  • In his journalistic work, he reportedly ran into problems with the authorities of at least two countries.
  • She created Style as a journalistic reflection of her own fashion and design sense.
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Meaning of journalistic

  • adjective Of or relating to or having the characteristics of journalism
    journalistic writing