Jon Gaunt

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  • Info Jonathan Charles Gaunt (born 3 March 1961 in Coventry), is an English radio talk show presenter, TV personality, newspaper columnist, social commentator and spokesman.
  • Jon Gaunt then hosted the mid-morning phone-in show, voicing his strong opinions on an unsuspecting public.
  • On each tour the artists were accompanied by a fiddle player, Jon Gaunt, and an upright bass player.
  • The station has experimented with introducing music into talk shows, and a shock jock in the form of Jon Gaunt.
  • He was first heard standing in on Talksport for Jon Gaunt in July 2008.
  • Regular listeners were hugely disappointed and phoned presenter Jon Gaunt to protest about the decision.
  • On Jon Gaunt's national TalkSPORT network radio show - where he appeared twice - he said: I'm just an ordinary copper who wrote a funny book about what it's like in the police now.
  • Ofcom later found Talksport in "breach of broadcasting rules" as a result of the incident and Jon Gaunt's appeal failed.
  • His inclusion on the programme was criticised by contributor and radio presenter Jon Gaunt, who branded the decision as "pathetic".
  • He also hosted the mid morning discussion on talkSPORT from 10am to 1pm from Monday to Friday, having replaced Jon Gaunt, who was sacked for calling a guest a Nazi.
  • In 2006, Beecroft had an on-air row with former presenter Jon Gaunt on talkSPORT, after pointing out that two of Gaunt's three Sony awards were not won by him personally.
  • Boyd provided summer cover for Jon Gaunt on the Sun Talk, an internet-based radio station, and for a week in September 2009 he filled in for Steve Berry on 106.1 Rock Radio Manchester's Breakfast Show.
  • Other popular tabloids were unanimous: Jon Gaunt of The Sun criticised British politicians and the media for grossly overplaying the case, and linked the government's reaction with the Labour Party's "soft" stance on immigration and crime.