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  • Info Joinville-le-Pont is a commune in the southeastern suburbs of Paris, France. more...
  • RATP also operates bus service alongside RER service at Joinville-le-Pont.
  • Raskin teaches harpsichord at the music school at Joinville-le-Pont.
  • Deed finished his career working as a warehouseman at the Pathe film studios located in the Parisian suburb of Joinville-le-Pont.
  • On the 14th and 15th they were at the very gates of the city, at Creteil and Joinville-le-Pont. Cited from The Downfall, by Emile Zola
  • The first Head Coach of the team was called Jolly Bruno (player), former player of Blue Angels of Joinville le Pont.
  • During World War One, he was the moving spirit in the patriotic effort that resulted in the foundation of the General Military Hospital of Laval located at Joinville-le-Pont near Paris.
  • He was a pupil of Baron Gros, and died at Joinville-le-Pont in 1864.
  • The constituency was enlarged as a result of the 2010 redistricting of French legislative constituencies to include the canton of Joinville-le-Pont.
  • Joinville-le-Pont is a railway station in the French commune of Joinville-le-Pont, Val-de-Marne, a southeastern suburb of Paris.
  • Alors il se resolut a la perdre, et il la confia a un voiturier qui devait l'abandonner dans la campagne de l'autre cote de Paris, aupres de Joinville-le-Pont. Cited from Claire de Lune, by Guy de Maupassant
  • Le bataillon passa sous le fort de Nogent, tourna sur la gauche et gagna en grande hate Joinville-le-Pont en longeant la redoute de Gravelle, qui lancait des obus. Cited from Recits d'un soldat, by Amedee Achard
  • With some gay parties were damsels whose disregard for decorum was strongly reminiscent of Asnieres and Joinville-le-Pont; and it was slightly embarrassing to stroll near the river in the evening, when at every few yards one found young couples exchanging kisses in the shadows of the trees. Cited from With Zola in England, by Ernest Alfred Vizetelly
  • And they never tired of telling us of the pleasures of life, of fine dinners at restaurants, gay excursions to Joinville-le-Pont, and masked balls at Montparnasse or the Elysee Montmartre. Cited from The Count's Millions, by Emile Gaboriau
  • In France for over thirty years, it applies tirelessly to transmit the benefits of various teachings of the Buddha Shakyamuni, he taught for many years in Buddhist Temple Linh Son of Joinville-le-Pont and for years at the Vajra yogini Institut in the Tarn where he currently resides.