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  • Plucking occurs especially where the bed rock is weak because of close jointing. Cited from The Elements of Geology, by W. H. Norton
  • This procedure is often performed prior to edge jointing so that the board has a flat reference face for subsequent operations.
  • Such jointing is accepted as having involved water.
  • Each stone brought for the great structure was numbered for its place and had its jointing cut in adaptation to the remaining stones. Cited from The Nature of Goodness, by George Herbert Palmer
  • However, any precise record of volcanic glass or fine-scale jointing has probably been worn away by erosion.
  • With recessed jointing, not much used, a deep shadow may be obtained. Cited from Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3
  • These minute fissures and larger gaps are primarily caused by jointing within the rocks.
  • The one item that distinguishes each type is the jointing system used to control crack development.
  • You have enough to do at dinner, carving large joints, and jointing those terrible birds. Cited from A Flat Iron for a Farthing, by Juliana Horatia Ewing
  • The restaurant had a classic style and food was prepared at the table, like filleting of fish or jointing game.
  • The summit features columnar jointing and was once home to an observation tower.
  • Full account of the local jointing pattern is made when deciding the position and orientation of cuts.
  • When we stopped again, I took it, placed one end under the track, and let the other project upward, jointing toward the advancing train. Cited from Daring and Suffering, by William Pittenger
  • Hand axes have been shown to be particularly effective at cutting animal meat from the bone and jointing it.
  • Streams in the area take rectangular paths because they follow jointing planes in the rocks.
  • The wooden trying plane (or iron jointing plane) for trueing up the work. Cited from Woodwork Joints, by William Fairham
  • It features mortise and tenon jointing, also known as corner-post construction, for the log structure.
  • For this task, after jointing one face, a thickness planer is used.
  • Another feature that places the Postpile in a special category is the lack of horizontal jointing.
  • Pilot Rock has a large amount of columnar jointing, created when the magma cooled.
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Root form of jointing is joint for the verb.

Words starting with jointing

Meaning of jointing

  • verb Fit as if by joints
    The boards fit neatly
  • verb Provide with a joint
    the carpenter jointed two pieces of wood
  • verb Fasten with a joint
  • verb Separate (meat) at the joint