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  • Immediately before joing the team he was working as a news director for a Boston station.
  • This season saw three new clubs joing the tournament.
  • Besides the Happy Camp show, He Joing was also hosting other shows such as New Year shows.
  • Elliott began his career in the news magazine publishing industry by joing the Journal of Commerce and then Time magazine.
  • A century later the Illyrians continued to press their claim by joing Arrhabaeus.
  • He worked as a printer for several years before becoming a professional musician, first joing the pop group The Crescendos.
  • Taylor later switched clubs, joing Abergavenny, and after his playing career ended, served on the Abergavenny committee and was also its vice-president.
  • So I'm sitting here in tears, joing the rest of those kids who complain about their parents on blogs - and I can't help it.
  • After graduation he became a lawyer in The Hague but continued his interests in art and preservation science, joing several committees on art restoration.
  • Prior to the Iraqi parliamentary election, 2010, a number of components left the Front to joing other political coalitions.
  • Prior to joing Suede, Oakes played in a band called "TED" along with his friend, Peter.
  • Peters became the applied percussion teacher at California State University Los Angeles shortly after joing the LA Philharmonic.
  • Tenney started her career starring in guest roles in several Australian drama series, before joing the cast of A Country Practice in 1981.
  • The team shot in Fiji in September 2011 with Santhanam joing them for the shoot.
  • RoboCup IranOpen2008 welcomes all interested teams to joing the event and compete in 16 leagues.
  • Prominent actresses Shilpa Shetty became heavily linked to the project, however, after joing the Celebrity Big Brother household, she refused the role.
  • He first played in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers during the 1952 NFL season, joing the Packers as a free agent.
  • O'Carroll started his youth career with Home Farm before joing Celtic's Youth Academy, he had featured for Celtic's reserve side for several years, but did not play for the first team.
  • Since joing the NEC in 1985, the team has posted a 115-106-21 record amongst conference teams.
  • After earning his Ph.D., Berry worked four years with Nestle before joing the USDA in 1958.
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