join the SS-VT

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  • Any state joining the union later was also required to be a republic.
  • Many also joined the new French army to continue the fight.
  • The emperor requires one man from each family to join the Chinese army.
  • There they joined another group of men who also planned to join the garrison.
  • They later took a train to Chicago to join the band.
  • The articles were popular enough that he was asked to join the newspaper's staff.
  • In addition, international fellows from a number of countries join the student body.
  • Millions of men had left private service to join the army, and very few returned.
  • Junior football is played by many after high school before joining the university ranks.
  • It ceased to be part of the movement when it joined the European Union.
  • He dropped out of high school in tenth grade to join the army.
  • Moreover, much of the population of military age had joined the British Army already.
  • A small road-bridge now joins the islands at the same point.
  • Several sources claim that during his studies he was more interested in religion than joining the military.
  • Students choose their specific course of studies before joining the university.
  • They are getting close to an age where they might decide to join the gang.
  • He attempted to join the British Navy, but was turned down due to ill health.
  • Neither party joined the rebels, although several hundred individuals joined the revolutionary cause.
  • Later, he and his wife would both join the Roman Catholic Church.
  • The new organization allowed individuals to directly join the national Liberal Party for the first time.

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