join the army

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  • Info Join the Army is the second album by American crossover thrash band Suicidal Tendencies. more...
  • He left the club at the end of the season and joined the army.
  • They refused to appear when they were called upon to join the army. Cited from The Story of Mankind, by Hendrik van Loon
  • I want you to ask the king to let you join the army. Cited from More Jataka Tales, by Re-told by Ellen C. Babbitt
  • People from all families joined the army and helped in the war.
  • When war broke out, he gave up his law practice to join the army.
  • He continued with similar film parts until he joined the army.
  • When the war broke out, he was among the first to join the army. Cited from Tiger and Tom and Other Stories for Boys, by Various
  • He joined the army the following year and almost immediately established himself as a public figure.
  • After a year and a half, he left school to join the Army.
  • Then he met some men wanted him to join the army. Cited from Slave Narratives; Arkansas, Pt. 1, by Work Projects Administration
  • However he decided to follow the example of a younger brother and join the army.
  • Even after his uncle leaves the village he is still determined to join the army.
  • He chose to join the army as a way to work with horses.
  • The king let him off if he joined the army.
  • Two of them joined the army, and the third became a student of medicine.
  • As a young adult he joined the army for a short while.
  • Not long after that he ran away, to join the army. Cited from Rebel Spurs, by Andre Norton
  • While on his way to join the army, thoughts of home were in his mind. Cited from International Weekly Miscellany, Vol. I, No. 3, July 15, 1850
  • Students may join the army when they graduate or they may attend university.
  • It is not certain whether he actually joined the army.
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