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  • After making one league appearance for the club, he joined Crystal Palace in the same year.
  • He then returned south and joined Crystal Palace, where he spent four years involved in the first-team.
  • He joined Crystal Palace in May 1950 where he played only seven games.
  • He left after GCSE to join Crystal Palace on a full-time basis.
  • The following season saw him join Crystal Palace's coaching staff for a short spell.
  • At the time that Bourne joined Crystal Palace the team was in a free fall.
  • In the summer of 1999, he joined Crystal Palace in the hope of gaining regular football.
  • Jones featured in just three games before leaving Maine Road to join Crystal Palace in the November of the same year.
  • He remained at Stoke for the first half of the following season, although he joined Crystal Palace on loan in October.
  • After several injury setbacks, he moved to join Crystal Palace in 2014.
  • Mel joined Crystal Palace in the summer of 1968 as an old-style wing-half, but he developed into a centre-back.
  • Caprice joined Crystal Palace in 2004 and progressed through the youth system at the club.
  • In 2007, he joined Crystal Palace Baltimore after passing their trial in early 2007.
  • He left to join Crystal Palace, at which point his assistant, Steve Thompson, took over in a caretaker capacity.
  • Ledley revealed if he hadn't joined Crystal Palace, he would have signed a new contract with Celtic, just as he planned.
  • He later joined Crystal Palace but his career was curtailed by an injury he suffered which caused his premature retirement in 2004.
  • He joined Crystal Palace as player-coach in May 1908, finally retiring from playing football in 1909.
  • He joined Crystal Palace in 1979, before moving on to Queens Park Rangers two years later.
  • After leaving Tottenham he took time off to recover and joined Crystal Palace in 1960 bringing them an instant promotion that season.
  • Kiernan started his career in the youth team at Fulham, but left as a youngster to join Crystal Palace.

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