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  • It was one of ten new members which joined on that date.
  • He never joined a church, although he frequently attended with his wife.
  • I must join my own people and the nation in which I was born.
  • Most brothers joined for life, although some were allowed to join for a set period.
  • Most brothers joined for life, although some were allowed to join for a set period.
  • Any state joining the union later was also required to be a republic.
  • He withdrew from taking an active role in politics and never joined another party.
  • Later his mother took all the children to West Virginia to join her husband.
  • He asked his wife to join him, but she refused.
  • They later took a train to Chicago to join the band.
  • The articles were popular enough that he was asked to join the newspaper's staff.
  • In addition, international fellows from a number of countries join the student body.
  • Junior football is played by many after high school before joining the university ranks.
  • His wife and youngest children joined him there, as was the practice at the time.
  • It ceased to be part of the movement when it joined the European Union.
  • Straight as my leg her shape appears, O were we join'd together! Cited from The Humourous Poetry of the English Language
  • It was claimed that joining a union would be in conflict with national security.
  • The major political parties now competed for immigrants to join their education systems.
  • He went into the music business instead, joining a distribution company as a business partner.
  • With his personal fortune, he equipped the soldiers that would join him.
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Meaning of join

  • verb Become part of; become a member of a group or organization
    He joined the Communist Party as a young man
  • verb Cause to become joined or linked
    join these two parts so that they fit together
  • verb Come into the company of
    She joined him for a drink
  • verb Make contact or come together
    The two roads join here