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  • Others noted that the number of black people in jail increased during his administration.
  • A new city hall, police station and city jail has been completed.
  • He was never the same man after he was released from jail.
  • They go to break the man out of jail, but they are caught.
  • The better step to take would have been to send him to jail.
  • He was also jailed many times but always returned to his old activities later.
  • His friends stand up for him, get into a fight, and end up in jail.
  • Soon a general store was built, then a hotel, and a large jail.
  • Although the police put him in jail for the night he was not charged.
  • The father tells the boy not to come back to the jail.
  • The jail was described as a small building about fifteen feet square, with two stories.
  • He spent another brief period in jail, but never gave up on the idea of his machine.
  • A new jail was built in its present location, adjacent to the original.
  • Within a few months several hundred people were arrested and thrown into jails. Cited from The Romance of Old New England Rooftrees, by Mary Caroline Crawford
  • The food was originally used only for state institutions, but later included some county jails.
  • He knew that this was his second offense and thus he would likely do jail time.
  • Chance is ordered to take the men to the jail to let Joe go.
  • They were caught two weeks later and jailed the following year.
  • He completed his secondary education and received a high school diploma while in jail.
  • They force you to build jails, and then they lock you up in them! Cited from The Metropolis, by Upton Sinclair
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Root form of jailed is jail for the verb.

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