Jacob Connexion

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  • Jacob Connexion stores are often located in "power centers" for easy car and public transit access.
  • Jacob Connexion is the casual/weekend branch of Jacob known for its quality and comfort.
  • Jacob Connexion clothing is inspired from European designs.
  • They are known for a more formal attire compared to Jacob Connexion (listed below) including business suits and semi-formal dresses into their line of clothing.
  • The original store opened in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec and now operates as a Jacob Connexion store.
  • Jacob Connexion's target demographic is 25-35 year old women.
  • In 2003 the name was changed to Jacob Connexion.
  • Jacob Connexion include a wide range of trendy and classic jeans, polo shirts, essential items, Capri pants and sweatshirts.
  • In addition to its main brand Jacob, the company operate under the banners Jacob Connexion, Jacob Lingerie, Josef and Danz.
  • Like the "regular" Jacob store, tops are sized XS to L. Jacob Connexion opened in 1998 under the name Jacob Annexe.
  • Old Navy, Pier 1 Imports, Jean Machine, and Jacob Connexion were added to the front of the mall, a new entrance was added, and the main washrooms were renovated.
  • It sells clothes from both the Jacob and Jacob Lingerie banners, but does not carry any merchandise from Jacob Connexion, Josef or Danz.