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  • It occupied a place within the circle, although its placement was not central.
  • This system allows the value of each note to be clearly represented no matter its placement within the beat/measure.
  • However, the river is between, thus leaving this hill alone and making its placement look somewhat accidental.
  • Constructing the bridge was difficult due to its placement over a broad active rail yard.
  • Although critics praised the song overall, its placement upon the album was criticized.
  • The medieval castle was a so-called twin house unusual in its placement near the sea coast.
  • Due to its placement on the hill, the palace received sea breezes during the summer.
  • Its placement is under the College of Science of the university.
  • He regarded its placement as the third track on the album as "odd".
  • However, the tunnel built for its placement still remains, although empty.
  • They argued that as it was part of their joint heritage, they should have been included in the decision on its placement.
  • Now a popular fixture of the park, its placement there was originally controversial.
  • Sculpture classes taught him about the power of the line in artworks and its placement in nature.
  • Even before its placement, Large Arch was considered a controversial choice by the surrounding community.
  • The first controversy that the bridge faced was its placement.
  • The Mid State Trail has many views offered by its placement on narrow ridges.
  • Its placement at the head of the Iron Gate gorge allowed for easy control of river traffic.
  • It has also been placed in Theloderma, but its placement is still pending further studies.
  • NEF provides assistance in career development through its placement cell.
  • Its placement of side-by-side, rather than confronting one another, helped to calm down the protesters.
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