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  • But as they go away that last five has given its flavor to the whole half-hour's talk. Cited from Quiet Talks with World Winners, by S. D. Gordon
  • Then I thought of the well, but I gave that up on account of its flavor. Cited from Little Masterpieces of American Wit and Humor, Vol. 1, ed. by Masson
  • In modern times, almost all smoking is carried out for its flavor.
  • Another change that usually takes place when fruit is cooked is in its flavor. Cited from Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 5
  • The more nearly whole it is, the better it looks, and the more natural will be its flavor. Cited from Science in the Kitchen, by Mrs. E. E. Kellogg
  • Even her paper-doll's house seemed to have lost its flavor. Cited from Marjorie's Vacation, by Carolyn Wells
  • Sometimes, it is understood, that branches are started to test the market and get its flavor.
  • It should not be used in excess, however, as its flavor is quite strong.
  • It will keep its temper very sweet, its age very green, and its flavor very sparkling. Cited from Punchinello, Vol.I, No. 4, April 23, 1870, Various
  • However, most people eat this food for its flavor. Cited from Maintaining Health, by R. L. Alsaker
  • My secret memoirs tell me that its flavor has more than once lighted up most diplomatic faces. Cited from The Physiology of Taste, by Brillat Savarin
  • However, it is a dry fish, so fat should be added to it to improve its flavor. Cited from Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 3
  • We are apt to use it in small quantity for its flavor rather than as a real food. Cited from Food Guide for War Service at Home, by Blunt, Swain, Powdermaker
  • But somehow my book seemed to have lost its flavor. Cited from Stepping Heavenward, by Mrs. E. Prentiss
  • It was good to feel a cigar between his teeth again and taste its flavor. Cited from The River's End, James Oliver Curwood
  • What can be added to this "left over" meat as a substitute for its flavor? Cited from School and Home Cooking, by Carlotta C. Greer
  • Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor. Cited from Familiar Quotations, ed. by John Bartlett
  • It is also unusual in being extremely popular for the sake of its flavor, instead of only its unusual color.
  • If kept dry, it will retain its flavor and its sweetness for a month or more. Cited from A Man for the Ages, by Irving Bacheller
  • Refrigerated, it can be kept for several years, during which time its flavor is believed to improve.
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