It's Immaterial

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  • Info It's Immaterial were a British indie pop band from Liverpool, England, formed in 1980.
  • To let that go, for it's immaterial -- you think I might have a job? Cited from August First, by Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews and Roy Irving Murray
  • It's immaterial whether Pleasure or Good is the more easily and generally recognisable. Cited from The Meaning of Good--A Dialogue, by G. Lowes Dickinson
  • I have three other earlier deliveries at Indian agencies, but they are not as far north by several hundred miles, and it's immaterial whether we ship or not. Cited from The Outlet, by Andy Adams
  • There is just one earlier circumstance that isn't clear to me; and while, as I say, it's immaterial yet I'm curious. Cited from The Cab of the Sleeping Horse, by John Reed Scott
  • Dempsey became a member of Pink Military; and Campbell helped to found It's Immaterial.
  • In 1980, Priestman was one of the co-founders of It's Immaterial.
  • In the same year as Song, former It's Immaterial keyboard player, Henry Priestman, had a UK number one album with The Christians.
  • Casey went on to form Pink Industry, while Dempsey joined It's Immaterial and later the Mel-o-Tones.
  • If you put in stale, tough, stringy beans you will be sure to find them there when you open the can, but if you put in fresh, tender beans, peas, corn or whatever else, you will find these exactly as you put them in, and it's immaterial whether you open this can the first, second or tenth year. Cited from Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota, 1916, ed. by A. W. Latham
  • On returning to London, He worked for the remainder of the 1980s as crew member or live sound engineer, touring with several acts including Immaculate Fools, It's Immaterial, and Then Jerico.
  • On 11 November 1981, around the time of the release of the band's third single, It's Immaterial recorded the first of four sessions for John Peel at BBC Radio 1.
  • It's Immaterial were formed by three former members of Yachts - Mancunian John Campbell vocals, Martin Dempsey guitar, and Henry Priestman keyboards - in addition to Paul Barlow, drums.
  • The club was started by Roger Eagle and Ken Testi (manager of cult Liverpool band Deaf School) and joined later by Pete Fulwell (owner of a small record label "Inevitable" and later to become manager of Liverpool bands It's Immaterial and The Christians).