Isidore Bonheur

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  • Isidore Bonheur found a greater market for his work in the mid-nineteenth century in England versus France.
  • Isidore Bonheur achieved this most successfully with his sculptures of horses, usually depicted as relaxed rather than spirited, and which are among his most renowned works.
  • Isidore Bonheur, the younger brother of Rosa Bonheur, is known as one of the 19th century's most distinguished French animalier sculptors.
  • The Peyrol casts for both Rosa and Isidore Bonheur are exceptionally well executed, which suggests a strong working relationship between the founder and sculptor.
  • There is little doubt that Isidore Bonheur was an acute observer of nature; his animals were not anthropomorphized, but modelled to catch movement or posture characteristic of the particular species.
  • Auguste Bonheur was the younger brother of the renowned painter Rosa Bonheur and older brother of the animalier sculptor Isidore Bonheur.