is financially

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  • Today, the community has about thirty members, all of whom are financially independent.
  • However, his goal to create films for a direct-to-video market has been financially successful.
  • He was financially successful and popular within the church, and other non-church related local communities.
  • These films, while not considered the team's best work, were financially very successful.
  • Today, the College is financially sound and serving more students than any time in its history.
  • Any country or branch church within the country is financially self-supporting.
  • During his study he was financially supported by his wife who continued to work as a cook.
  • Fellows are financially supported and professional development is provided for all five years.
  • It has been financially successful, and perhaps that is the best that can be said of it. Cited from A Tale of One City: The New Birmingham, by Thomas Anderton
  • To be financially successful, the manager must not spend more than is available.
  • Until the revolution started he did not go back, which he could do because he was financially secured.
  • He travelled alone, and would later send for his family when he was financially secure.
  • Each chapter has its own board of directors and is financially responsible for its own management.
  • Because he was financially independent, he could devote his entire life to scientific work.
  • Wakeman often wrote about being financially independent, something many women of the time wanted.
  • Many of the churches, almost entirely made up of former slaves, were financially independent.
  • The bill also required the building to be financially self-supporting within two years of its completion.
  • The real estate person from whom you purchased it assured me that you were financially responsible. Cited from The Cruise of the Jasper B., by Don Marquis
  • This idea has not yet been realized, as it has been financially out of reach for the organization.
  • His family was financially stable given the circumstances of this time period.
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