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  • Free energy is subject to irreversible loss in the course of such work.
  • No one has even mentioned this irreversible loss to our rich culture.
  • After this great irreversible loss the band finds the strength to continue with work.
  • Affected children can have serious, irreversible effects or even die within days from birth.
  • The fourth episode of the series featured a young boy with a serious, irreversible heart condition.
  • He claimed that he chose patients whose conditions were irreversible and who were in pain.
  • The problem is that death is commonly understood as an irreversible state in the strong sense.
  • Notice that information may be lost in this step, making it irreversible.
  • His work clearly established that undernutrition during brain development causes some irreversible changes.
  • Although till now they are in majority in population but this brain drain has caused them irreversible loss.
  • One night she had entered into what had appeared to be an irreversible coma.
  • No irreversible computing device can use less energy than this, even in principle.
  • It is generally agreed that death occurs when the patient is in an irreversible state.
  • For the rest of the day, he remained on life support but the injuries were irreversible.
  • His condition was later reported as critical, with irreversible brain damage.
  • The trend towards it had become irreversible but it was still a long time coming.
  • Each time a player places a tile, the move is considered final and irreversible.
  • In fact, the changes that develop during this stage are irreversible.
  • When it becomes clear that the board is planning a similar fate for him, Frank takes irreversible action.
  • As a result, early diagnosis is important or else irreversible damage may occur.
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Meaning of irreversible

  • adjective Incapable of being reversed
    irreversible momentum toward revolution