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  • To say there is no light of day between two positions means they are irreconcilable.
  • Whether he can make good under conditions so apparently irreconcilable is a question that time only can answer. Cited from Letters of Franklin K. Lane, edited by Lane & Wall
  • Thus philosophy and common sense seem to stand in irreconcilable opposition to each other. Cited from Man or Matter, by Ernst Lehrs
  • But he has let me go too far; and now he will make these people my irreconcilable enemies. Cited from Memoirs And Historical Chronicles Of The Courts Of Europe, by Various
  • The project fell through due to irreconcilable differences in the relationship between the two stars.
  • These we know to be irreconcilable conditions, such as cannot meet in any town whatever, past or present. Cited from Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 337, November 1843, Vol. 54
  • Would they remain irreconcilable, ever ready to take advantage of a moment of weakness? Cited from The Path of Empire, by Carl Russell Fish
  • In no other history do these two political forms meet each other in a more irreconcilable opposition of characters in extreme. Cited from Characters and events of Roman History, by Guglielmo Ferrero
  • Where an important difference of statement is irreconcilable, I shall point it out. Cited from The Reminiscences of an Astronomer, by Simon Newcomb
  • The fourth article of the former is irreconcilable with the fourth article of the latter. Cited from The Auchensaugh Renovation, by The Reformed Presbytery
  • After four years of effort to reconcile the irreconcilable, he decided upon his course. Cited from A Short History of France, by Mary Platt Parmele
  • They end up getting engaged but due to irreconcilable differences they break off the engagement.
  • Then there is the irreconcilable -- how is he regarded in the common cry? Cited from Principles of Freedom, by Terence J. MacSwiney
  • But these elements, except on one single issue, were somewhat irreconcilable. Cited from Abraham Lincoln: A History V1, by Nicolay & Hay
  • We seem to find that the ideal of knowledge is irreconcilable with experience. Cited from Meno, by Plato, Trans by Benjamin Jowett
  • Still so far there was no irreconcilable breach between the two men. Cited from Roman life in the days of Cicero, by Alfred J[ohn] Church
  • There are only two nations, two irreconcilable tribes -- the rich and the poor. Cited from Mother, by Maxim Gorky
  • Of these the first was of most immediate interest, and showed irreconcilable differences between the two parties. Cited from History of Holland, by George Edmundson
  • He knows, however irreconcilable the two may appear, that they are but different aspects of the same thing. Cited from Mysticism in English Literature, by Caroline F. E. Spurgeon
  • Any sort of difference between the two parties that either cannot or will not be changed can be considered irreconcilable differences.
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Meaning of irreconcilable

  • adjective Impossible to reconcile
    irreconcilable differences