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  • Even those who know better play the so-called chain store game in an irrational manner.
  • If it passed out of existence, that was because it had become irrational.
  • She became irrational at times and was admitted more than once to mental institutions.
  • In this approach, the term irrational is used in a slightly different way than in general.
  • He used this method to provide a proof of the existence of irrational numbers.
  • He finds that "the irrational is only interesting if you can understand it."
  • Such studies can be used to view people's fear of crime as 'irrational'.
  • In our world defined by science and technology, why do irrational rituals make a strong come-back?
  • It also contains the first proof that the number e is irrational.
  • Despite his intelligence, he still has an irrational fear of dogs.
  • It might be the result of some irrational natural force.
  • One way to consider this is that the real value often has the characteristics of an irrational number.
  • He is quick-thinking, though sometimes he can be irrational.
  • So irrational and so false is this view that the direct contrary is the truth.
  • If k is irrational, then it is not closed and has infinite length.
  • It would be irrational to price below marginal cost, because the firm would make a loss.
  • Much subject matter in literature can be seen as an expression of human longing for the irrational.
  • There are many examples of people who are famous because of their intelligence, but often display irrational behavior.
  • It was probably the first number known to be irrational.
  • No matter how much experience we have we make irrational decisions every time we are under the influence of arousal.
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Meaning of irrational

  • adjective Not consistent with or using reason
    irrational fears, irrational animals
  • adjective Real but not expressible as the quotient of two integers
    irrational numbers