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  • What it might be doing for him inwardly, he alone could tell. Cited from Verner's Pride, by Mrs. Henry Wood
  • In a certain sense then, he was never alone, for he thought and spoke inwardly. Cited from History of Dogma, Volume 2 (of 7), by Adolph Harnack
  • He smiled inwardly to think how easily they could have had all of it! Cited from The Adventures of Kathlyn, by Harold MacGrath
  • Now the inspired man may look inwardly either at the past, the present, or the future. Cited from Ten Great Religions, by James Freeman Clarke
  • But I began with hope; and hope has inwardly accompanied me to the end. Cited from The Prose Works of William Wordsworth, by William Wordsworth
  • Inwardly he felt himself involved in her condemnation, though none but himself knew it. Cited from A Maid of the Silver Sea, by John Oxenham
  • It was rather more the fact that, inwardly, they refused to accept themselves for what they were. Cited from Musical Portraits, by Paul Rosenfeld
  • Then the woman whom he was thus inwardly criticising rose and came across the room to meet him. Cited from The Mermaid, by Lily Dougall
  • How we laughed (some trembling inwardly) and then, what letters we wrote home! Cited from Life in Morocco and Glimpses Beyond, by Budgett Meakin
  • He was inwardly convinced that he was going to his death. Cited from Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons,by Frederick Arthur Ambrose Talbot
  • What they really are you and I know inwardly by using abstractions and living our lives. Cited from A Preface to Politics, by Walter Lippmann
  • Is not this that she is growing to inwardly, more blessed than any marriage or giving in marriage? Cited from Real Folks, by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
  • Inwardly he was appalled at the thought of what the long hours might bring to him. Cited from The Moccasin Ranch, by Hamlin Garland
  • Her very presence, always silent, always inwardly critical, seems to irritate her parents. Cited from The Love Affairs of an Old Maid, by Lilian Bell
  • Though he gave a stoic appearance at the time, he was inwardly broken.
  • He might be wrong on both of those counts, but inwardly he didn't believe so. Cited from Storm Over Warlock, by Andre Norton
  • Inwardly she was deeply disappointed at having failed, but she gave no sign of feeling her defeat. Cited from Grace Harlowe's First Year at Overton College, by Jessie Graham Flower
  • Then she laughed inwardly at the thought of certain sophisticated friends and their opinion of her life. Cited from The Brimming Cup, by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  • She was inwardly convinced now that the marriage would never take place, but what was to prevent it she did not know. Cited from The Magician, by Somerset Maugham
  • Harriet sat down, inwardly glad that her part of the story was told. Cited from The Meadow-Brook Girls by the Sea, by Janet Aldridge
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Synonyms of inwardly

Meaning of inwardly

  • adverb With respect to private feelings
    inwardly, she was raging