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  • This door had a smaller, inward-opening door set into its forward half.
  • We must turn inward and allow original reality to present itself.
  • The inner eye has to be opened; one has to turn inward.
  • When you stand on your board, pressure is now applied inward to the edge area at the between your feet.
  • Now and then they change positions dancing all the time but facing inward.
  • They were then placed on top of each other with the smooth side facing inward.
  • Simply put, this channel passes much more current in the inward direction than the outward one.
  • Passes current more easily in the inward direction (into the cell, from outside).
  • Something that would attract inward industrial investment and keep young people in the area.
  • One said that they faced each other, and the other said they faced inward (toward the door).
  • Germany, on the other hand, remained more inward-looking.
  • After this White's focus turned even more inward, and he photographed very little.
  • Inward opening doors are doors that can only be opened (or forced open) from outside a building.
  • Traffic consisted of coal inward, agricultural produce leaving the area, and general goods.
  • In this game, usually played by young children, the players sit in a circle facing inward.
  • Chinese culture has long emphasized a sense of deep history and a largely inward-looking national perspective.
  • He could not give up the doctrine of an inward and present salvation by faith itself.
  • Inward Parts is the second album by the English band The Others.
  • This process is designed to create shock waves that travel inward through the target.
  • Humboldt took into account both the outward appearance and inward meaning of plant species.
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Meaning of inward

  • adjective Relating to or existing in the mind or thoughts
    a concern with inward reflections
  • adverb Toward the center or interior
    move the needle further inwards!