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  • Charles has been involved in the music industry through much of his career.
  • Most of the individuals involved have moved on to other companies or efforts.
  • However, the war quickly spread and eventually involved every level of society.
  • He was the god of battle and victory, especially when the conflict involved a foreign power.
  • But a big portion were self-employed or involved in family labour.
  • Each level of government can be involved in scientific research and international relations associated with its powers.
  • He knew the danger involved in coming to this country.
  • They may also be involved in its daily operations.
  • In such cases, the person involved is usually required to discuss the issues.
  • They point out that there are still many ways in which the government is involved in the economy.
  • They were trained in traditional methods of physical care that involved little knowledge of medicine.
  • The legal questions involved in intelligence programs were often not considered.
  • Several thousand men were involved on either side.
  • He became too involved and ended up with far more raw material than needed for an article.
  • She was involved in the building and restoration of various churches throughout her period of influence.
  • But then there is no more chance involved.
  • It wasn't long before the larger media players got involved.
  • It is uncertain whether he was directly involved in politics for the following few years.
  • The band is also known for involving rock instruments in their songs.
  • The only other nation to directly involve itself at that point was France.
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Meaning of involve

  • verb Connect closely and often incriminatingly
    This new ruling affects your business
  • verb Engage as a participant
    Don't involve me in your family affairs!
  • verb Contain as a part
    Dinner at Joe's always involves at least six courses
  • verb Occupy or engage the interest of
    His story completely involved me during the entire afternoon
  • verb Make complex or intricate or complicated
    The situation was rather involved