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  • He also forced people into involuntary labor to work on those projects.
  • However, this only can keep the patient involuntary admitted for up to seven days.
  • The camp was used also for involuntary blood donations from the young children.
  • One idea that has recently become the subject of studies on involuntary memory is chaining.
  • This has become somewhat controversial because of its involuntary nature.
  • The Doctor's regenerations are always involuntary and he has no control over his final appearance.
  • Due to the involuntary movement of the eye, it is often called "dancing eyes".
  • They may then be referred to local health services for further assessment and potential involuntary commitment.
  • The book focuses instead on the sometimes involuntary metamorphosis the parents themselves will go through.
  • Research studies regarding the neurological functions of involuntary memory have been few in number.
  • She was released in late January after about eleven weeks of involuntary commitment and returned to the streets.
  • He was eventually convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served under one year in prison.
  • Brain control of exhalation can be broken down into voluntary control and involuntary control.
  • Involuntary parks where human presence is severely limited can host animal species that are otherwise extremely threatened in their range.
  • Members of the reserve have not been called to involuntary active service in foreign operations since the Second World War.
  • For this reason, the Zone is considered by some as a classic example of an involuntary park.
  • Their involuntary silence makes the condition harder to understand or test.
  • Involuntary turnover could be a result of poor performance or staff conflict.
  • The involuntary change in occupation turned out to suit him.
  • Involuntary dismissal bars the case from being brought to court again, unless the judge says otherwise.
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Meaning of involuntary

  • adjective Not subject to the control of the will
    involuntary manslaughter, involuntary servitude, an involuntary shudder, It (becoming a hero) was involuntary. They sank my boat"- John F.Kennedy
  • adjective Controlled by the autonomic nervous system; without conscious control
    involuntary muscles, gave an involuntary start