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  • It is also known as the invincible unit because it has never lost a single battle.
  • He felt he was invincible and he never believed that death would overcome him.
  • He also called upon all people to join the Movement and make it strong and invincible.
  • He is considered invincible, as many have tried to kill him yet none have succeeded.
  • In this state he is completely invincible and all of his attacks increase in both power and speed.
  • Invincible is the second studio album released by English boy band Five.
  • In all cases the player becomes invincible for a short period.
  • While being invincible, the 5th and each subsequent enemy killed will provide one life.
  • Having a mask makes the player completely invincible for a short period of time.
  • They both try to be much more than they are and show their enemies and the world that they are invincible.
  • Michael feels invincible believing he got away with what he did because of who his father is.
  • This allowed the player to become invincible, therefore being able to beat the game with ease.
  • Some enemies take more hits to die than others, and a couple are invincible.
  • Because of this change, the musical style on Invincible changed to a more electronic sound.
  • A music video of the song "Invincible" was released shortly after the song was released.
  • He was an invincible warrior, whom no person on earth could defeat.
  • However, the French Empire was no longer regarded as invincible by European powers.
  • Victoria was also a cast member for the first season of the variety show Invincible Youth.
  • They did not realize the danger they were in, he said, and felt invincible.
  • Invincible was a first-rate ship of the line of the French Royal Navy.
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